Book Review “How To Shoot A Reportage” by Enzo Dal Verme

Milan/Paris-based photographer and writer Enzo Dal Verme has written a new photography manual titled,
“How To Shoot A Reportage” – Brutally practical tips and tricks”.

Reportage has various meanings but relates to a journalistic reporting of events or telling a story in pictures and words.

In “How to Shoot a Reportage”, Enzo reveals some of his shooting tricks for an inside look at the world of reportages and travel photojournalism.

Enzo takes you through starting with an idea and how to develop the inspiration for photographing and writing.

He includes researching and preparing for the trip, getting all the appropriate permits, what to take and then onto the more technical aspects of the photography.

The photography aspect covers what to shoot and what not to shoot, getting the releases and publishing.

The author covers what to do from arriving at the site, workflow to maximize productivity, and meeting and socialising with the locals and how to interview people.

Sections on camera controls are relevant for all photography but with a twist to emphasise the photojournalism and how to allow for print requirements.

He also covers post production, what you need to do to get it into shape and how to present it to magazines for potential sales or present it on the Internet.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in producing a reportage.

Is now available 
as an e-book and soon in print at

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