Broome is magical town in the top end of Western Australia.

Travel to Broome by plane, car, bus etc. The people are Koepanger, Malay, Chinese, European and First Nation.

Stay at the many resorts. The one we stayed at was just a short walk from town.

Three restaurants on site, luxury rooms, a pool resort style.

We dined at sunset looking over the vistas, there were fairy lights to welcome you as you enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar. Beautiful, tasty meals to delight your taste buds, in Alfresco dining. A scrumptious breakfast in the morning, before you set off for a day of adventure.

There are many tours to part take. A great tour is dinosaur adventure footprints, you travel by Hovercraft to this unique destination. Enjoy cocktails and tapas afterwards overlooking the sea.

A great pearling tour is Willie Creek Pearls, you will learn about the pearling industry, and view the amazing culture pearls in colours of black, pink, and white. The creamy luster, the size and shape are unbelievable.

Sip Champagne at sunset by cable beach.

Ride camels along the special beach. The temperatures are warm and extreme at times.

Shop for sovinears in the town, visit galleries of photography, art, clothes, and pearls.

Japanese gardens are just out of town.

The tides cover unbelievable areas at different times of the year. Many crocodiles in the waters so safer in a boat.

Spend a few days or a week depending on your time limit, and enjoy your time at Broome.

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