Longreach and Winton

Long reach and Winton

I was sitting on the fence re this trip to Long reach and Winton. Still deciding whether to go. Family wanted to go, and I guess I did not want to miss out. Great excitement as the day arrived. We drove to Brisbane Airport to fly to Long reach. A few hours later and we were there. We travelled with #Trade Travel.
A bus to meet us at the airport, just a short drive to our accommodation. The Saddlery was a converted barn and industrial sheik design. Beautiful and clever layout. Wagons to view out the front of the accommodation.

Today was a Cobb and Co Stagecoach experience, I could not believe it, I was chosen to sit up the front behind the five horses. We rode through the town and down a track to a property. Wow the speed of the horses, wind in my face, power of nature only horses can give.
Next a Harry Redford Time Tent Show, all great fun, and antics in the bush.

At sunset is time for the Starlight Cruise experience, all board a historic paddle-wheeler. Wine and snacks for all to share. Views of nature along the river, beautiful sunset to glimpse. We arrive back just on dark. Up the ramp and I thought this was the end, but no, more fun to follow. A huge bonfire to greet us, large black pots with amazing smells, dinner stockman’s stew, and mash. The taste is scrumptious, as we sit around the bonfire together. We are so full. Bush ballads and stories to entertain us, as our dinner makes room for dessert. We look up at the sky and all the stars are there to greet us. City folk never experience this sheer delight. Next apple pie and cream. Wow so tasty. Now we make our way to the outdoor cinema. After billy tea and damper to finish the night.

Another day, No-go Station is part of the Kinnons family. Six generation of cattle and sheep grazing. Merino wool at its finest, sheep shearing experience and now it’s all aboard the double decker bus. Around the property we go. We see camels in the distance. Cattle grazing, as we make our way to the billabong. A picnic lunch is served as we sit and take in the views.

Qantas Founders Museum we experience the joy of a 747 and the super constellation, plenty of time for photos. Now we see all the exhibits and pioneers of flight. Take a break and enjoy a coffee.

Huge buffet breakfasts each morning and dinners at night at the Staging Post, eat as much as you like. Tonight, is the Stone grill experience, wow the best steak and chicken.

Up bright and early as we are off to Winton to see the dinosaurs. We visit the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, just specular. Now it’s the Winton opals many shops to view and buy. Lunch is at the North Gregory a landmark; Banjo Pattison wrote Waltzing Matilda here.

Today its Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame. We explore the five galleries, retrace the journey, and experience the outdoor cinema. A delicious lunch and break.
Next, it’s the one man show, fun and laughs from the audience. Amazing what a horse can do in the outback, all the skills they have.
A dog that rides a horse, and an experience man they can train them all for the show. Really worth attending this excellent show.

The day has arrived from as to meet the train from Long reach to Brisbane. All aboard, as we load our bags. The cabin is small, so do not take too much for the over night stay. The train chugs along the track as we watch the specular landscape. Lunch, dinner, and breakfast is served in the dining car as fine dining. Later its drinks in the bar and a cheery good night. We sleep as the train hurries along. Late morning, we arrive at Brisbane all relaxed and ready to drive to our home destination.

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