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Woy Woy


Travel from Sydney to Woy Woy, just over an hour by train, two hours by car. Enjoy as a local, the sights, coffee at the Boulevard 19 cafe. Walk to Spike Milligan Bridge and along the water. Continue your walk past, the jetty to Brick Wharf Road and back again. Coffee at the Love Shack. A rest in Lions Park. Short walk to fish and chips at Fishermen’s Wharf. Drinks at the Bayview. Rest in your bed at the Bayview, and ready for another adventure.

Next day walk to the jetty only a few minutes away. Travel as a local from Woy Woy Wharf to Empire Bay by ferry. First coffee, then view the many homes on the water. Catch the ferry from Empire Bay to Davidson for lunch either, the RSL, Restaurant or tea house. Now ferry back to Woy Woy for a stroll along the river.
Umina Beach is next. Short drive by car, or taxi. A bus along Ocean Beach Road to Umina is easy. Spoilt for choice units, camping or caravans, motels up the road to stay. Eat and shop in small businesses, always with a smile. Surf, fish, relax and feel the sea breeze and enjoy the slow pace for a while.
Visit Ettalong, wow a beach walk to enjoy, many clubs, restaurants, and cafes. The famous secret Galleria and Paradiso. It’s full of restaurants, galleries, studios, music, and time like no other. It’s like a walk in Europe for all to enjoy. Catch the ferry to Palm Beach and back. Fish, and kayak The Peninsula. Enjoy the glorious sunshine and feel the air.
Pearl Beach the pearl of the sea. Family fun. Swim in the ocean, eat and drink at the cafes, relax and enjoy, the lifestyle. Picnic at Patonga, swim and enjoy a drink at the Boat House Hotel. Let’s stay the week, as there is so much more to see.  By Liz Shaw

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